Over the years, I have arrived at this concept Work of Heart, which is a play on the words “Work of Art”. It’s a matter that is deeply “heart-related”.

That is to say, I’m a human being – I’ve been through some things, through emptiness, through loneliness, through adversity, through the search for meaning; trying to grow, to learn – to adopt amor fati, and striving to become autonomous.

I think that life is about growth, and where there is affliction there is subjective evolution.

I don’t claim to have figured it all out – to have sorted the puzzle pieces of life, and to have become any more enlightened. I am only a product of this endeavor to sort through it all, of philosophizing reality, of these matters closely “heart-related”.

The self is a forest in which we can become lost in the aim of self-discovery, and I think this condition of being lost can be a virtue, as it works into the quality of being human.

So with that, I am virtuously lost, navigating the stages of life. In short, I am a Work of Heart.


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