Thursday Psalms: A Book of Late Nights and Bereavement

Thursday Psalms

I have recently published a lyric book titled Thursday Psalms: A Book of Late Nights and Bereavement. The book contains an assortment of lyrics which were to be included in two different musical albums, the project Dying Christ and the album Epitome of Loneliness, and the project Mangled Marionettes and the album A Metropolitan Rain. The task of bringing these two albums to fruition ultimately failed, however, I wanted to collect them and release them anyway under a unified heading. The book is divided into two parts, which bear the names of these two albums: Part I: Epitome of Loneliness, and Part II: A Metropolitan Rain. The book itself is a 5×8 and consists of 150 pages.

The work contains lyrics pertaining to different times of my life throughout the past couple of years, where I was grappling with existential nihilism, negative relationships, and coping with the death of my grandfather. During the period of endeavoring to finish these musical pursuits, I had lost the resources to continue creating music. While I was unable to bring about the two albums, I wanted to continue to use my creative faculties, and so I began to turn my focus over to lyrics set to various solo piano songs. I ended up with a collection of works reflecting on these difficult circumstances. Losing my grandfather was an enormous blow during this time in my life, and the Epitome of Loneliness record was to be about this occurrence and my efforts of overcoming an insidious meaninglessness which I harbored within. Shortly thereafter I had become enraptured with, what I thought at the time, the love of my life. As it would turn out, we were too unstable for each other, and the relationship ended in an explosion of hurt. The lyrics for A Metropolitan Rain were reflective of this theme.

After some time had passed, I decided to gather these lyrics up and publish them in a book. Thursday Psalms represents an abundance of adversity and affliction, but it also charts the story of the underpinning human will to triumph over tribulation, of victory over defeat, and finding a sense of beauty and stillness in the chaos of life.

The book can purchased via Amazon.


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