Mangled Marionettes – Works of Heart

Works of Heart

For those who might be unaware, I produce many genres of music under the name Mangled Marionettes, although I mainly focus on electronic music. I’ve released various solo piano pieces and other “filler” tracks and singles in between writing a full release. Today I have released a track just in time for Christmas, Works of Heart. This piece is a bit of a departure from the usual electronic stuff I have worked on previously as it’s a guitar track.

Conceptually, Works of Heart is something that I have implemented into my own philosophical system. It holds that weathering adversity is a very human process and going through it is necessary in order to grow or reach the next stage of personal development. Adversity is met with acceptance,amor fati, and one then cultivates a will to conquer his situation. I call those who have gone through this adversity, those who have tasted desolation and defeat, those who have a will to conquer, Works of Heart. I’ve mentioned this Works of Heart concept briefly in the past, and this track, for me, evokes this idea in aural form.

So with that, I am a Work of Heart and I make Heart Songs.


You can listen to Works of Heart here:

SoundCloud –

Bandcamp –

YouTube –


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