Satanism Applied to My Philosophical Framework

Anton Szandor LaVeySatanism can be applied in a vast number of ways. I’ve applied it to my own philosophical system which is still being developed. Different elements of Satanism in my system are evolving on their own while retaining the core principles set forth in LaVey’s works. My personal philosophy is largely based on ideas of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer.

What has emerged is this Works of Heart concept, that is, the idea of going through adversity and affliction and becoming lost, and finding a virtue in being lost — finding beauty and meaning through it and embracing the fact that I am human, that going through these tribulations is part of what it means to be human. This is an adoption of amor fati, Nietzsche’s idea of being a Yes-sayer. My own spin on this Nietzschean framework is the embracing of this human element, what I refer to as Works of Heart. We come to terms with and revel in our humanity, we adopt amor fati, and we facilitate inner autonomy. This is a Satanic principle in itself— embracing our basic nature.

Generally everyone at one point or another goes through this adversity and exhibits neurotic behaviour. Satanists are not exempt. On the contrary. In fact, being a Satanist for me means embracing our humanity in its totality. And so we have two philosophical frameworks intersecting at this point of humanity-embrace: Nietzsche’s amor fati (Works of Heart) and LaVey’s celebration of carnal nature. This allows for the birth of the Übermensch.

The Übermensch has done away with other-worldly values and systems and has created new values based on this-worldliness. These values are life-affirming. These new values are Autonomous Values which contribute to inner autonomy. In my view, the Übermensch is one who has attained inner autonomy, and it is the archetype we should strive to become.

At this level, the idea is to aspire to reach one’s highest potential. This brings to mind what I’ve been learning about in regard to personal development. Given an amount of time, a deeper level of maturity can be reached and with it better methods for one to recognize neurotic behaviour and to change it. I think through this maturing one can better develop the skills to take control of one’s life. And this is what it is to aspire to the highest order, it’s about reaching the next stage of personal development. In the end, it’s all about becoming a more developed person in terms of identifying neurotic/contradictory behaviour and attaining the skills to change that behaviour. We’ll look at this behaviour in an upcoming essay.

Satanism to me, in the sense of how I apply it, is this synthesis of these philosophical outlooks (caveat: granted the ideas put forth in The Satanic Bible for the definition of what Satanism is, this is how I apply Satanism to my philosophical framework.). It’s this adoption of Nietzsche’s amor fati, this embracing of our humanity and finding virtue in adversity, becoming autonomous through the Übermensch, reaching the next stage of personal development, and striving to become a more developed person.

I am an Active Member in the Church of Satan. To find out more about the organization, Satanism, and Anton LaVey please visit the official Church of Satan website.


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