Dying Christ – Epitome of Loneliness

Dying Christ is an experimental extreme metal duo based in Haleyville, Alabama consisting of members Jonathan Berry and Lamar Gabriel. At it’s core the lyrical content of Dying Christ focuses on suffering, suicide, misanthropy and dark moments of humanity. Previously the band was set to record material for an album entitled In Conspiracy against Humanity, inspired by extreme anxiety and depersonalization. However the lineup was in perpetual revision; certain members would leave and then come back making rehearsal and recording difficult. During some periods the band was completely stagnant for months on end. This was a very testy time for the band and for myself. In fact most of this plight manifested within the content of the album. In addition the band was not on the same page sonically. Dying Christ was simply undergoing a slow and drawn out, lethargic death. Luckily I started corresponding with a long time musical companion, Jonathan Berry. After accepting my invitation to join Dying Christ and weeding out other non-productive members we were united in a common musical aim. This was a new “era” of sorts for Dying Christ and so fresh material seemed appropriate. It was in this transitional period that I penned lyrics in my musical journal (which I termed Book of Compositions) that turned into a new Dying Christ album entitled Epitome of Loneliness. It is a personal tome in which I dealt with isolation, death and anxiety. Music is a form if ritual, to the creator it is a crystallization of his experiences and emotions. Music is my canvas of sorts, my way of philosophizing and reflecting upon my existence.

Epitome of Loneliness recalls the most dark and bitter moments of my recent past. Tracklist and album art follows.

1. The End of Flesh

2. Tides of Life

3. Faces in the Rain

4. Dead Flower

5. Lore of Lucidity

6. Only Words

7. Alone

8. Without Destination (Belialian Direction)

9. The Wind Blows

10. Valley of Stones

11. Life in White and Black

12. The Way Things Are

13. Dead House


The above tracklist is not finalized and the finalized tracklist may revise at least one song.

Dying Christ are currently in studio and an official release date is expected to be announced some time next year if things go accordingly… but they rarely do. An official Facebook and ReverbNation page is also forthcoming with tracks and an album teaser.

*Note all artwork is copyrighted (©) by Dying Christ and you may NOT reproduce any images without written consent.


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