Thoughts on Happiness

Could there be such a thing as a priori happiness?

My reasoning so far is that happiness could fall into two categories: internal and external, internal happiness being transcendental and external happiness being preoccupation. Let me try to explain.

First off let me say that I’m not a neurologist and I have no idea what happens in the brain when we experience emotions such as happiness. That being said, when I analyze happiness caused by external stimuli it seems to be a matter of occupation. The external object of happiness is doing nothing more than preoccupying the mind, we seek out distractions and temporal/artificial satisfaction or else boredom and stagnation subjugate us. I call this preoccupied happiness artificiality and it is simultaneously subjective.

However, there exists internalized autonomous happiness independent of external stimuli and is not existent in a preoccupied manner. This internalization is transcendental and is objective. In this way internal happiness is a priori, in my reasoning. To my knowledge, this could be viewed as a Category according to Kant.

In summation, external happiness is preoccupied artificiality and is subjective. Internal happiness is autonomous, not preoccupied and is objective. It is in this way a priori and “pure” according to Kant. Viewing these matters thus, it could be said that this “pure” autonomous happiness is far more superior to that of the happiness felt by external stimuli. As the saying goes, “True happiness comes from within.” It is furthermore, being absolutely fulfilled by the self alone, independent of people and objects.


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