The Art of Primal Sound

From the creators of the bizarre  musical acts Mangled Marionettes and Dying Christ, Jon Berry and Lamar Gabriel proudly present The Sinister Underground Records, created solely for the distribution and promotion of the duo’s musical projects. The Sinister Underground Records support a wide variety of underground music that the duo has found lacking in the music scene and is targeted specifically for the Social Darwinist. An official page supporting the label is forthcoming.


As of late October, 2011 Mangled Marionettes have entered Primal Sound Studios to record a full-length LP. The self titled release will feature dark electronica/industrial soundscapes complete with orchestral and piano instrumentals and heavy percussive elements. We are also currently underway putting together an official street team. Those that join will be given access to track rarities and items of interest.


Lastly, Dying Christ has finalized it’s lineup with Jon Berry and Lamar Gabriel and have also entered studio to record an LP, the title for which has been dubbed Epitome of Loneliness. A full explanation of the title change and the new theme of the album will be addressed in a forthcoming post along with official album art and track listing. An album teaser of both musical projects will be released further down the road as well. Additional updates will be posted as they happen.


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