Music Rising

It seems that I have neglected this site for some months due to the majority of my free time being spent on musical projects I am involved in. I am currently in the studio writing an album for two of my projects, one of which (Black Tomorrow) shall be released around the spring. Formerly known as Bo Steele & Ben Rubino, Black Tomorrow is a swampy southern rock group gaining recognition in the south for it’s unique and versatile sound reminiscent of the late Johnny Cash laced with a heaviness that only the band can manufacture. Expect a single to be released anytime from the upcoming self-titled album, which is to be released between April and July. 

The other project I am working on is an electronic/symphonic duo called Mangled Marionettes. This duo fuses electronica/industrial/techno with symphonic orchestrations while evoking Gothic imagery and maintaining desolate soundscapes. Mangled Marionettes have just entered the studio and a single is forthcoming, patience is indeed a virtue.

Lastly, I am also still involved with Dying Christ although this project has taken a back seat. The lineup for Dying Christ has been in perpetual revision ever since it’s inception in 2010. Progress has proven to be a slow but steady increase.

You can follow any of the above linked projects on Reverbnation or Facebook.


Black Tomorrow Facebook

Black Tomorrow Reverbnation

Mangled Marionettes Facebook

Mangled Marionettes Reverbnation


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