The Eternal Romantic Pessimist and Satanist


I haven’t discussed much about my sociological or political opinions and wanted to shed some light on this stance. My views are autodidactic in nature. I don’t know much about politics. I graduated high school but I found that particular subject to be exceptionally boring so I usually slept during civics and economics. Perhaps now it is coming back to bight me so bare with me in regard for politics. I find it hard to pinpoint myself into a box. In essence I am a misanthropic romantic/Independent/Social Darwinist/Liberal/Libertarian. Let me explain.

I am in favor of a democracy in so far that I champion all people having the freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Societies should be allowed individual freedom to either be successful in the world or perish. This is Social Darwinism, the strong survive, might is right, stratification; people would be allowed to properly seek there own level. I am against all forms of fascism/authoritarianism/totalitarianism or any other egalitarian bondage and captivity. This holds true on a consumerist/materialistic level as well; government or any other so-called authority should not regulate what I consume. I most naturally tend to lean toward Libertarianism, as it is most in line with Satanism, maximizing free will.

In regard to State and government, I think that any view which states either State or government is supreme to the individual and requires allegiance over independence is repugnant. This goes for patriotism and nationalism as well. Pride for one’s country is one thing but religious devotion is another. This herding together collective negates the Self and individual liberty. As stated, the only egalitarianism I have any regard for is universal freedom. Furthermore, I tend to lean toward a free market according to supply and demand and the competitiveness of business. This is also in accordance with Social Darwinism and the Satanic maxim “the strong survive.”

On a personal/social level I fall into the realm of misanthropy (or cynicism) coupled with romanticism. I typically do not care for people and mostly spend time alone or with a small circle of companions. I find more stimulation listening to and performing emotionally charged musical pieces than I do interacting with people. I have always been very affectionate toward women and enjoy relationship and commitment. In regard for romance and commitment I am very elite. In general I think that Satanists have more of a capacity for love, as we do not waste it on those unworthy of it. There are an abundance of damaged, bitter, and victimized women in my neck of the woods who inhabit a deluded world they have created where all men are rabid dogs, perhaps due to one too many heartbreaks. Most of these women are incapable of receiving genuine love and upon conversing with me when they crop up, regarding my large capacity for romance, they either do not believe such deep feelings of love could exist or write me off as a liar trying to get laid. Which this is fine, they do not deserve such genuine affection.

For quite a while I have identified with the “hopeless romantic” type of character, a sort of Romeo. Even at the early age of a kid I had strong inclinations toward romanticism. I noticed very quickly that I was different from the rest of my peers at that age due to different interests, most of the boys favored bicycles and toys and I favored the girls, although very shy. Stories of romance and tragedy have largely attracted my interest intermingled with a bit of vicariousness on my end and most of the subject material inherent in my musical compositions is of that sort of stock. That Shakespearean love-tragedy has remained paramount with me.

Most of my views were formulated in a dark place during darker times and it would seem that I come off as a pessimist. Although, I must say that I am only a pessimist in the sense that I accept that negativity is the motivating force in society today and without which stagnation would grow. One cannot fully experience one emotion without knowing the full extent of the other. Today’s world thrives with artificial happiness and trivial petty pursuits. My pessimism is the balance factor in response to this egalitarian societal stagnation. My romanticism is dynamic emotional response to my art, music, and my ever deep lust and passion of women. It is strength-through-joy, without which I become as empty and sham as the world in which we live, or Satan forbid like everyone else!


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