The Optical Delusion

The mirror in its dangerously candid and unbiased reflection of the material presented within it, to some demonstrates a meritorious lesson. The mirror is an objective realist; it does not judge or discriminate and holds no prejudice in the reflecting of its environment. In essence this is what Satanism is. As realists we look at the environment through the adversarial lens with a discriminatory and unbiased eye. Objectivity is paramount to the Adversary; we essentially become as mirrors in the immediate environment. It is seeing things as they really are and not as what they seem to be.

Let us recall what objectivity is. Objectivity is a means of neutrality in regard for analysis. In being objective one does not take his sociological or political views and opinions into account when reviewing or analyzing a subject. But rather simply gives factual observations of the technique used.

In this way the Satanist is an adversary to bias. He is a cold mirror that is held up in front of the social order pointing out the neurotic hypocritical deceit that is allowed to roam unchecked throughout society. The Optical Delusion represents that pallid bias through which the herd can never view things as they really are. Much like a funhouse mirror, their critique and viewpoints are distorted by clinging to individual opinions and convictions when analyzing a given subject. They are the accursed forever lost amidst the void of disinformation.

Furthermore, in a sense the Satanist becomes a propaganda hacker. Let me be clear though, the Satanist does not hack the endless fields of propaganda for the sake of benefiting humanity. He could care less about the masses. He would even sooner devise his own propaganda for the manipulation of his audience. The Satanist becomes a propaganda hacker in the sense that he seeks to understand the propaganda presented before him through a systematic method by which he can look beyond the article of propaganda itself in order to view the intent and expected outcome of it’s creator. In the physical sense this would be an exercise in Lesser Magic, the summing up of a given person and event.

By propaganda I mean any sort of material, art, literature, information, or idea that is widely spread to influence a given population. Propaganda can be anything from the media to commercials and advertisements on the TV.

Sylvia Plath in her poem “Mirror” likened the mirror to “the eye of a little god, four-cornered.” It is interesting to contemplate her comparison. In our present world the mirror is the closest physical manifestation of any sort of omniscient “god.” It is omniscient in its unmisted reflection of material. It contrasts how man is governed by his emotions and how they can conceal cold hard facts. We make a full circle returning to objectivity and realism. Becoming the Adversary we keep such things in check, showing our opposition and indifference to personal bias outside of the ritual chamber. The Satanist must not be swayed by the propaganda of our day and he must simultaneously point out the ever-present Optical Delusion. The gaping void of disinformation is overfilling with the accursed, and now we are the orbs (mirrors) in a maelstrom rising from Hell – the world as we know it, a dismal void of invisible control/the system/the status quo. The orbs (mirrors) are the most pure form of this void because they are self-realized and reflect their environment in the utmost actuality.

The Optical Delusion – Can You Really See?

The Jonathan Berry Solo Project that I am currently involved in - The Optical Delusion Album

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