In Conspiracy against Humanity

Dying Christ is my latest musical project that has been in constant lineup change since August 2010. It is a unique organism that is indifferent to the mediocrity of which present-day “bands” are founded. Dying Christ acknowledges that pain, suffering, and the negative side of the human experience is the dominant emotion and motivating force that is present in society today. It is thus both a realist and an expression of that suffering.

Societal dictates, though not so much limited to bands per se, are the ravings of consumerism, egalitarianism, and stagnated artificial happiness. Dying Christ gives the social system something to fear, something to cower to in dejection by reminding society that their artificial happiness is a pipe dream. Dying Christ is a balance. To quote Robert A. Lang, “The world, like a wolf pack is not all the licking of pups and howls by the moonlight. Sometimes there just needs to be a gnashing of teeth and a ripping of flesh to put things back into the natural order of things.”

This balance factor can be seen as the premise one cannot fully experience one emotion without fully experiencing the other. The evangelists (TV and media, bands, politicians, etc.) of popular society have tipped the balance by the gospel of egalitarianism and artificial happiness. Dying Christ is the counterweight of this delusion. Dying Christ reminds man of his need to suffer.

The title Dying Christ is symbolic. Here Christ is viewed as a representation of egalitarianism, consumerism, stagnation, martyrdom, and artificial happiness. Dying Christ would imply then the death throes of that epitome symbolizing the return to balance. This is Satanic in terms of opposition, the nature of Satan – the Adversary.

The flip side or “Third Side” of Dying Christ is an exercise in ritual, meaning the direct expression of suffering. Negative emotions are experienced and reveled in as a loosely defined psychodrama which borderlines a Black Mass. As we are well aware the Black Mass, or Le Messe Noir, is a ritual where the indoctrination of religion is purged out of the participant. Here the negative emotions are reveled in in-order to purge or ritualize them out of the listener. Negativity can be related to in music and entertainment almost or perhaps vicariously because everyone has experienced it at some point in their lives. It is the same thing as one listening to a song that he can relate to, because of what the song is dealing with happened in his life and upon hearing it and feeling the emotions attached to it he feels better. It is a catharsis.

In Conspiracy against Humanity is the title of the debut of Dying Christ. The central theme can be interpreted two ways. The first interpretation focuses on the main character whom experiences extreme anxiety attacks. The other interpretation draws from the emotions felt by the main character: fear, depression, isolation, misanthropy, and explores the concept of suicide. Underneath the insanity the core of the album is a test of how man will act/react when faced with extremity and questions the “morality” of those actions.

The balance will be restored. The future remains ominous.


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