Father’s Day XXI

I love you son.

There are people that go through life and never know what it feels like to have a stable father and a relationship with him. Perhaps that may be due to divorce or death, or any valid reason. But when I look back through the years this Father’s Day I consider myself blessed even through the maelstrom of adolescence. My tragedies are largely inconsequential and I’ve learned that somebody else out there has it much worse than I do. This puts things in perspective. I have always had a supporting family, mom, and dad even through the ravages of their divorce, if one could define the circumstances as ravaged. My dad has remained an unbroken adamantine pillar in my life.

I have always been a “daddy’s boy.” I was his shadow when I was young, I had to be doing everything with him. I remember from the time that I was about four to five I’d always pretend to help him mow the grass with my toy push mower, and he would just smile. I still remember just me and him taking rides in his black ’73 Caprice Classic and I would imitate him driving. I really thought that we were something. And of course those times when I was out of line and was met with discipline.

Then I grew a little and became a teenager and we didn’t see eye to eye on some things, and of course I got into more mischief than usual. I recall at the grand age of sixteen I stole his old Chevy truck while he was working to go pick up a friend so that we could play music. I succeeded in transporting my friend but he forgot some of his equipment so I had to go back to get it. My friend lived on a hilly yard, so when I backed the truck up to get out I ran up a steep hill burying the mufflers in the earth. It was such a force that it broke the mufflers all the way up to the manifold. I was scared stiff! The sound of the engine immediatly changed to a very loud roar as if all cylinders weren’t firing. I thought for sure that my dad was going to kill me when he found out. When it came time to tell the truth my dad was so infuriated that he kicked me out for a night. He ended up selling the truck to my uncle.

Now I am twenty-one going on twenty-two in a month and reminiscing the good times in celebration of my dad. I have had my first car for less than a year and I think I can understand his anger from when I stole his truck. Being the first ever owner of a car has sparked a new interest in how engines work and I’ve certainly had fun learning from my dad. I think he even enjoys showing me things.

So Hail to true Fathers today from your loving sons and daughters!

I love you dad.


One thought on “Father’s Day XXI

  1. read this on fathers day but didnt really read it …… son, what a beautiful testiment to your father….ya know son, you truly get it, and for that i am truly proud…..
    i love you, son, and well frankly, you said it all ….

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