Walpurgisnacht XLVI A.S.


This past Walpurgisnacht was a night of reaffirmation and dedication to my own musical endeavors. That old prideful Devil was evoked and celebrated in honour of my own abilities and talents, and He was reflected upon with cadences of Infernal nostalgia. It was a night of self-reflection and self-praise with the setting of greater aspirations, and was the sustaining of strength-through-joy. Individual goals were set and fortified.

Upon scrutiny it became clear that through ritual, certain goals and modifications pertaining to tangible musical ends would be reinforced. That night was a turning point. It was a mark for me to get back into strict musical practice – more time spent refining drumming and the fruition of my latest musical project, Dying Christ. The objectives that have presented themselves and that I am striving towards are as follows:

1. I am striving to get back on top in my drumming after loosing my home, and am putting my effort into getting an endorsement deal. Drumming is my primary motive.

2. The fruition of my latest project, Dying Christ. Dying Christ is a catalyst of pain and suffering. As a realist organism it recognizes the negative side of the human experience as the dominant emotion and ruling entity of our present state.

3. The completion of In Conspiracy Against Humanity – the debut of Dying Christ. This album will be almost like a narrative, telling two different stories depending on how one approaches it. The first story is about extreme anxiety and isolation as told by a character experiencing extreme anxiety attacks. The second story is suggestive of the album title. It’s about emotions and tendencies reflective of misanthropy, suicide, discord, and bitterness.

4. The continuous implementation of strength-through-joy. I do what I do and write about what I write about because it gives me pleasure. I identify with what I create. As long as I have the desire I will continue to exploit negativity, it is a motivator. Everyone experiences negativity and can relate to it in entertainment, almost vicariously. I choose to capitalize upon it and embrace the negative side of the human experience.

To not revel in any of these things would mean self-denial. I create out of necessity, because I am motivated to, it’s who I am. Henceforth the remaining year is consecrated in the refinement of individual ability.


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