Satanic Mechanics

Religion is the most important thing in a person’s life. If electric trains are the most pervasive thing in one’s life, that is his religion. Anything can be a religion if it means a lot. If your present religion isn’t the most important thing in your life, then skip it. Find whatever impels you most and make that your religion. Religions are easy to invent. Most traditional religions have little or nothing to do with reality, are dependent on obfuscation, interpretation, guilt, and unreasoning faith—some more than others. Since Satanism is essentially a religion of the self, it holds that the individual and his personal needs comes first. If that means playing with trains or spike-heeled shoes or singing in the bathtub, those are its sacraments and devotions. Taking inventory of old comic books is counting beads on a rosary, each book being a station of the cross. – Anton LaVey, The World’s Most Powerful Religion


Satanism is a religion that puts the self above all else. It is a tool to implement to attain personal goals, leading to success and happiness. It focuses on the refinement and adherence to the things that bring one satisfaction, it is effectively-strength through joy.

Magic has been the focal point of Satanism in outlets such as the media, the ritualizing and entertainment of unspoken thoughts. It will be known however, that the real magic is being successful and content in everyday life. I have found that working on cars can bring this sense of content and joy to myself. Contemplating the engineering of automobiles can bring great wonder and intrigue: learning the concept of alternators, how an automatic transmission works. Changing out spark plugs or performing an oil change can even present a degree of satisfaction, and each tune-up is a great Infernal gratification in this world of disappointment.

One of the things about Satanism is Satanism demands study. Study is also demanded when it comes to the mechanics of cars. A while back I purchased my first car, a black 1989 Ford Mustang GT. It being my first ever car I was very excited. I wanted to learn more about what goes on in making a car function properly so I read and studied up on the subject and was amazed at how complex a vehicle is, which in turn made me appreciate my car much more. I’ve discovered that I enjoy learning about vehicles and specifications and applying what I’ve learned to work on the car.

I came from a blue-collar family and we always had to work for what we wanted, and sometimes that wasn’t enough. Most of the people in my age group were always handed things that they asked for and never knew how to appreciate anything they got in life. Even at the age of sixteen most of my age group got cars from their parents, most were wrecked or trashed within the year. I had to work hard for my car in a factory. I almost lost my car in fact, due to getting fired. Within two weeks I managed to find another job and continued the payments. I can appreciate my car more because of the hard work. I can reap the rewards of just getting out and enjoying the driving.

The Devils 1966 Chevelle

For myself, undertaking the mechanics of automobiles is a sense of strength through joy. Now the Devil storms down the Left-Hand-Lane passing His inferiors in their motorized Eco friendly goodguy badge as he proclaims, “Satan represents cars with attitude instead of the vehicles of modernized mediocrity!”


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