A Third-Side to Same-Sex Marriage

It has been shouted rather loudly from Judeo-Christians and politicians alike, that marriage is a sacrosanct union between a man and a woman. This hate cult has bent over backwards to banish same-sex marriage and relationships while exercising extreme prejudice to homosexuals and lesbians. There has been a so-called war on same-sex relations perpetrated by right wing Republicans and politicians to stifle otherwise content same-sex relationships. However, the whole subject of Illegalized same-sex marriage is a non-issue, and attempts from politicians to push for the illegalization is futile at best. This non-issue is a Third-Side to same-sex marriage and its effects will negate all attempts to dictate how one should love and marry.
Consider that marriage is a union of two individuals (in our current social climate) that are bound to one another by strong feelings of love and affection, and is accompanied by ceremony proclaiming the union of such two people. To legally be recognized as a married couple by the state, the couple must consist of one male and one female, thus excluding same-sex marriage. Effects of this ridiculous moral and ethical code can be seen in two ways: first are the same-sex couples that play the victim card. The second and most overlooked, are those that see what marriage truly is – a long-term union accompanied by ceremony celebrating the love for one another. A true couple needs not the authority of anyone to validate the authenticity of their union. Certainly it is the love for one another that validates their union to begin with. In this way, illegal marriage problems become irrelevant.
Although these two views are true, there is inevitably another effect made by same-sex marriage laws and it is motivated by an agenda. That is to say the ones who are in the forefront of “equal rights” for marriage, the one’s who deem themselves victimized when there is no reason to be the victim, because again same-sex marriage is a non-issue. Most of these “victims” are too weak to withstand the shoutings of anti-gay ravings so they insist on equality. But such an equal concept can never be reached, as stratification must always win out. Equality supports the weak at the expense of the strong.

Once again the non-issue of same-sex marriage presents itself. That is, that the true couple needs not the consent of any institution to validate their covenant or union. This is the Third-Side and it is the one side that is invariably missed. The effects of the Third-Side can be quantifiable. For instance, 1. Couples aware of the non-issue needn’t complain about something that they need not subject themselves such as victimization. 2. They can not be discriminated against by illegal marriage, as they already have established a de facto marriage or union. 3. The Third-Side is not limited to same-sex marriages.

The question emerges, in today’s society where divorces and broken homes abound, why would one get married to begin with? If the present moral and ethical definition of marriage is the best and most innovative example of matrimony when the majority of straight marriages fail, perhaps someone has missed the mark entirely when it comes to how couples should go about love. Today’s matrimony certainly seems to have this effect.

A big tradition in some cultures is the ceremonial wedding, the formal proclamation and uniting of couples as a symbol of their passion for one another. Another noticeable effect of the Third-Side happens to provide a way for same-sex marriages to be united by ceremony to coincide with their de facto marriage, if they need it to. This is an option, a choice. Some people (even single couples) do not need ceremonious overtones in their wedding. If one wishes, perhaps a small and intimate ceremony could be conducted to satisfy the need to formalize the de facto marriage. The non-issue of same-sex marriage should be seen as just that. And all the bickering about prejudice and equality should cease, here is a solution.


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