The Road Less Traveled

It has been purported that the roadway of life has two main roads, one of which is broad and leads to destruction and the other is narrow and leads to verve and good tidings. The broad road it has been said is treaded upon by the masses, while the narrow road is rarely discovered. This is a half-truth. It will be discovered however that there is another road – a third road, an overgrown path that even fewer will find. This road leads to self-satisfaction and is the path of individuality. It is the alternative to all other purported roadways traveled by the mindless.

It has been speculated that the broad road leads to destruction. It is the most popular path of the herd. Some don’t even recognize that other roads exist. The rest are afraid to explore past the broad road where individuality lies; they are threatened by it as individuality intimidates their store-bought identity. The broad road is the path of newness and conformity. The exits of the broad roadway take travelers to their Mecca, which consists of theatres, malls, and social courts so that they are up to date in all popular outlets. Travelers of this path conform to the dictates of their priests of popular media, and so are caught up in newness. Having all the latest items provide travelers with an identity, keeping them feeling significant in an otherwise uninteresting lifestyle.

The old straight and narrow road has been said to lead to life and good tidings. This road is treaded upon by the few who have abandoned the broad road. Perhaps realizing the dangers of living upon the whims of the herd, they instead travel a narrower path mistakenly believing it to lead to life everlasting. This can be seen as the person who once lived a life according to popular dictates, now lives the life of abstinence believing it to substitute a greater reward. This road can also be seen as the dreariest of all the paths as its travelers are less than ordinary, it is the road of the common man. Like the travelers of the broad road are manipulated by the dictates of popular culture, the narrow road’s travelers are manipulated by the dictates of abstinence, unoriginality, and fear of change. This can be seen as the person who being raised and conditioned to be abstinent presents a degree of triteness and is loathsome toward any kind of change.

These two roads, the broad and the narrow, are the only paths noticed. The reality is there is another road, a third road. The third road is much narrower than the road of abstinence and sameness. This is the road of individuality. It is an overgrown path due to its lack of travelers. The few that due manage to embark on this path are unique and have much to offer the world. These few have the canny characteristic of objectionably viewing the herd and questioning the status quo. If the Devil represents carnality and independence then the travelers of this road are of His kindred and walk in His fane. These few are the manipulators of life and live according to their own dictates.

On this path popular demands and items are unimportant. What is important is the indulgence of the whims of each individual. The road less traveled is indeed the Devil’s Highway, but there is of course in today’s transportation standards, the ability to fly.


One thought on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. I take great pride in that Devil’s Highway. Lately it seems some have seen us veer left onto it, and have tried to follow. They ultimately get either confused, or misunderstand the road signs, and turn back…. For those of us who were born on the Devil’s Highway, it is a true delight indeed to see your fellow Satanist in the mirror and say Hail Satan while continuing on your way.

    Hail Satan.

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