Total Environments

The opportunity for anyone to live within a total environment of his or her choice, with mandatory adherence to the aesthetic and behavioral standards of same—Privately owned, operated and controlled environments as an alternative to homogenized and polyglot ones. The freedom to insularize oneself within a social milieu of personal well-being. An opportunity to feel, see, and hear that which is most aesthetically pleasing, without interference from those who would pollute or detract from that option. – Anton LaVey, Pentagonal Revisionism

A total environment is a place that is absolutely satisfying to one’s standards of aesthetic. It is a place entered into that is entirely customized by an individual to suit his liking. Total environments are an important Satanic factor adhering to the individuals aesthetic, and as such all ritual or Intellectual Decompression Chambers are essentially total environments.

In the past, man has created special places that are visually pleasing and important to himself that he can enter into free of outside interference and ridicule. This is visible in children. The treehouse or clubhouse built and maintained by little boys (and girls) that provide a private hideaway are in fact total environments. Or perhaps the tent made out of sheets by little kids. They are visually pleasing environments that suit the individual’s needs. A more “adult” example can be seen as the sports stadium or even a theatre.

 The Satanic ritual chamber or Intellectual Decompression Chamber is essentially a total environment. It is the place where the Satanist enters into to release emotional energy so that he may continue a successful lifestyle. The chamber must be in accordance with the individual’s standards of aesthetic for ease of emotional receptivity. It is the secret place he can go to free of the outside world to release his emotions. An ideal ritual chamber is one that is created and customized entirely by the individual, a room painted and set up to one’s liking.

Although ritual chambers are essentially total environments, total environments are not limited to ritual chambers. The Satanic ideal is to have an environment exclusively to one’s liking, a place just for one’s sole enjoyment and relaxation. In the past I have made good use of a bedroom to serve as a total environment, my lair so to speak. It was replete with different colored light bulbs for different occasions, black lights, pictures relative to drums and music, and a playstation 2. My dad had such a place once as well. It was a room solely for his surround sound stereo. The walls were covered with eggcrate to capture sound, there were lights that reacted to sound vibration, and a recliner chair in the middle of the room with the sub woofer behind it. It was quite a place to escape to.

The environment need be as elaborate or simple as you wish. It should be a place solely for the individual that is visually and emotionally pleasing.


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