Welcome to the Ramblings of Lamar Gabriel


This blog was created as a vehicle for discourse concerning a range of topics. This blog will contain writings regarding music, drums, philosophy, religion, the mind/thought processes, suicide, and whatever that I may find of interest. This blog is intended to hold a Satanic perspective to things the way I see them.

I have been a drummer since I was three years old. I started out banging on pots and pans and diaper boxes. When I was about five I got my first kit, which was a little kid’s drum set with the heads made out of paper. About a week later I busted the heads so my parents bought me a “real” drum kit, it being a Pearl Forum Series. I still have this kit in fact.

Growing up I didn’t fit in with anyone and was subject to ridicule in most of my elementary school days. In my small town I was pretty much the only kid that played an instrument, I never met another kid in elementary school or otherwise that played one. In high school I didn’t fit in either but I did manage to find a few people that was talented with instruments and befriended them. It was here that I started embracing my individuality and I discovered Satanism by Anton LaVey. I discovered that I had been a Satanist all my life, I just didn’t have a name or label for what I was.

Since then I have walked a path of individualism and self-mastery to become supreme in all my endeavors on earth. I am a proud, prideful person. I am a Satanist.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Ramblings of Lamar Gabriel

  1. i simply have a desire to dialogue and understand someone who believes as you do. hopefully my admission of being a disciple of christ wont shut you down. i do think regularly about many topics and desire to share communication with anyone who will respond, especially with those who differ in personal belief systems. i hope we can share.

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